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ABE JEDI Committee

The overall goal of the ABE JEDI Committee is to uphold our association’s commitment to be “intentional about and assume accountability for fostering advancement and respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all students, faculty, and staff.”  The purpose of the newly formed ABE JEDI Committee is to: 1) design and implement events that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion; 2) serve as a consultative body to the ABE Board and Standing Committees to ensure that all ABE-sponsored events meet the ABE’s vision of inclusive excellence; 3) explore opportunities to provide ABE members with professional development in JEDI best practices; and 4) serve as a conduit to our ABE members to share and disseminate expertise in inclusive and equitable educational best practices.  JEDI SOP

Members will typically commit to serve a 2-year term, except for the inaugural members where 2 will serve a 1-year term and the other 2 will serve a 2-year term. Please indicate in the nomination form if you would like to serve for 1 or 2 years. The EDIC committee members will elect a chair and a secretary from within their group within two months after the announcement of the election results.  The chair will not serve more than two consecutive 2-year terms as chair.

Committee members: Tracy Fulton (Chair, 2022-24), Chante Richardson (2022-24), Jaya Yodh (2022-24), Zeynep Gromley (2023-24).

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